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Sausage Making
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Sausage Making
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Sausage Making
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Sausage Making
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Sausage Making
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Texas Blonde Lady asks (in part): “Do you have any good seafood sausage recipes?”  (CW’s answer) 
el Ducko asks: “How do you Cold Smoke when it’s not cold? …got any tricks?”
Xúc Xích (Greg) asks (in part): “I can’t find brisket, so I bought… ‘Flank’ steak, in a cry-vac bag from the US. I prepared my wet cure, then opened the bag… and it was 4 x 1″ thick sheets of a heavy fibrous meat. The question now is. Can I treat this like a corned Brisket or Silverside? Being 1″ thick. Do I cut down the time in the brine? After 5 days in the brine, do I take it outside and nail it to the road, and let 10,000 scooters run over it, then smoke it? I just have never seen this cut of meat before.” (CW’s answer)

Worthy of Your Attention

Featured Comment: Brining a Turkey, in The Earliest Risin’ Wrangler (Technical Corner)

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Chuckwagon says:

“Thanksgiving is rolling around quickly again, with Christmas right behind it. I don’t know about you, but I eat turkey year-round. I just remember to do three things and folks will fight over the stuff! First, I always brine it with my secret, highly-classified, covertly mysterious, furtive, hush-hush, and recondite recipe of 7-Up and saltwater. Next, I inject the breast with melted butter just before roasting and smoking it, and always smoke the bird in a little alder and just a touch of hickory.”

For details, visit a comment in our The Earliest Risin’ Wrangler (TECHNICAL CORNER) section for an explanation of brining meats, plus recipes for Chuckwagon’s famous “Smoke-n-Choke Turkey” and “Tidal Wave Gravy” (also listed in our recipe section). You can do it by clicking on the above link. Also, look in the Recipe List for links to a “helpful hints” write-up and a spreadsheet.

YIKES! It’s almost time to prepare your turkey for the upcoming holiday. Buy that bird NOW! Don’t forget that there’s lead time involved:

  • Defrost – 3 days ——— Feast Day minus 10
  • Cure – 5 days————- Feast Day minus 7
  • Water Soak – 3 hours — Feast Day minus 2
  • Pre-heat/Smoke/more smoke/cook/more cook to IMT 160 – 12 to 15 hrs —  Feast Day  minus 1
  • Refrigerate overnight
  • Make Gravy and Trimmings – 2 hrs – Feast Day Morning!


Sausage Project Listing

“Introduction to Sausage Making” Project

In which we show you the way to safely and easily make tasty sausages, and do it without buying all sorts of fancy grinders and stuffers and forklifts and such. We offer the following manifesto- Anybody (Even a Complete Dummy) Can Make Great Tasting Sausage. You can do this by buying ground meats, using common ingredients, and making patties or rolling into un-linked “links.” If interested, you can buy other equipment later. Why push it? Learn how, first. Topics:

Previous Projects:

See the Index or Table of Contents for various project listings, such as several earlier Projects “A” on fermented sausages and Projects “B” (for “Beginner”). You’ll need to join so you can comment. It’s free!  Join Us! (get login & comment privileges)

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