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Executive Decision ! (?)

There has been renewed interest in Dry Cured Meats. Maybe we should reconsider having a project in that area. What do you think? 

You can see a possible course outline at this link and, if interested, drop us a note at

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  • el Ducko on 2 – SAUSAGES AT HOME…………. (“Fresh” and “Cooked-Cured” Types)Time to get ready for our annual Fourth of July feast, here at Duck’s Beak Ranch. My family and friends, melting-pot-types that we are, really like that all-American sausage, kielbasa. A five-pound batch (Peery & Reavis pork + beef recipe containing cure #1, should be enough, augmented by buns...
  • el Ducko on ≡ THE “HITCHIN’ POST” ………………Talk About Anything ≡Dateline May 16, 2017, Draper, UT: Classified Leak of Sausage Recipe – Authorities today confirmed a leak of classified sausage recipe information by Chuckwagon, currently the administration’s Sausage Czar, to – who else? – the Russians. Acting on advice from un-named sources, agents swooped down on the headquarters of
  • el Ducko on 3 – FERMENTED-SAUSAGE … naturally-fermented (like Summer Sausage) plus the Air-Dried varietyRemember those fermenting sausages that I showed you about two months ago, the Salami d’Allessandra (Genoa) and Spanish Salchichón ? The long wait in the curing cabinet is over. (It's been about as exciting as watching paint dry.) The weight loss is about right, so I have scrubbed the mold...
  • el Ducko on 6 – HARDWARE… Smokehouses, Curing Chambers, & Smokin’ SavvyI'm looking forward to seeing your finished smoker, but especially hearing about your "adventures" along the way. There are always so many lessons to be learned. What's your choice of insulation? I'm guessing fiberglass. Too bad there's no such thing as high temperature duct tape, eh? Have you given thought...
  • BlackRiver on 6 – HARDWARE… Smokehouses, Curing Chambers, & Smokin’ SavvyThank you for the reply. I will use them in my smokehouse. When it's done your right I could invite a bunch of people over. It has been a big project though more than I thought it would be. I tore it completely apart to remove the polyurethane insulation. The...
  • el Ducko on 6 – HARDWARE… Smokehouses, Curing Chambers, & Smokin’ SavvyIt should work fine. Aluminum conducts heat pretty well, but the refrigerator will be well insulated, so no problem with heat loss. It would be a good idea to season the thing first. Hopefully there are no plastic parts in the fridge. With that size, you could handle quite a...
  • BlackRiver on 6 – HARDWARE… Smokehouses, Curing Chambers, & Smokin’ SavvyHi there I am in the process of converting a old commercial fridge into a smokehouse. The fridge came with a rack system you can wheel inside. I called the manufacturer of the rack system and they said the metal was Constructed of non-corrosive, Hi-Tensile aluminum. I was going to...
  • el Ducko on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)That's your Berkshire pork, right, Phil? ...sure looks good. How's the curing cabinet working? Duk
  • Shuswap on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)My borrowed triple smoked maple bacon recipe is here: This recipee requires patience as it takes a month before you are feasting on truly tasty bacon and eggs for breakfast or blt's for lunch.
  • el Ducko on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)I had a look at Pops' series of posts, and they were excellent. I have posted an edited (for readability) version in our recipes section in hopes of making it easily accessible for our users who are interested in brining and wet curing various meats, and asked for permission (forgiveness???)...
  • Shuswap on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)This was the best ham of three that I have made from a Berkshire leg using Pop's brine method from the smokingmeats forum. He uses his commercial butcher father's brine recipe which uses less nitrate but soaks for 30 days.
  • sawhorseray on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)I'll try posting my ham picture again. What remains is being turned into split pea soup right now. You bet Duk, I'll try out a little something soon with UMAi bags! RAY
  • el Ducko on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)Thanks, Ray. I'll bet that ham was good! (UhOh! The picture didn't make it. Please try again, or email it to us and I'll post it.) My pork loin dry curing was done in a regular ol' "FoodSaver" bag, in the refrigerator. The next phase (drying) needs to be done...
  • sawhorseray on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)That looks pretty darned sweet Duk. Is that done with those UMAi bags? I've been tossing around getting a starter set from Amazon, I think it's five bags and some Cure#2 for about $35. My main concern is fridge space. Two upright freezers in the garage, just the lone kitchen...
  • el Ducko on 4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)Thanks, Big Guy. Wish you could hop in your car and swing by to try it. It'll be ready in 6 weeks or so. (Given the condition of your car, maybe you could start now, and...) Duk