Smoke-N-Choke Spreadsheet

Chuckwagon’s SMOKE-N-CHOKE Turkey recipe is quite possibly the best smoked turkey recipe in the galaxy. To have a look (and download it if you want ), click here. (See the recipe index for accompanying advice on gravy.) turkey brining

Did you know that you don’t have to use the full amount of brine called for in the recipe? Most meats take up only 10% to 15% of their weight in brine, so most of the excess brine is wasted. You can successfully use a smaller vessel (or even a sealable plastic bag) to minimize the amount of wasted brine material. (You can then use the saved ingredients for other recipes, such as my favorite, mixing the 7-UP with Seagram’s Seven whiskey.) (!) Have a look at Smoke-n-Choke Practical Tips for details and other handy advice.

There is an accompanying Excel spreadsheet which you can use to scale your brine solution. To use it, put your washed turkey into its brining vessel, add enough water to cover, then measure the water. Type that amount into the spreadsheet. The recipe is built in, so all you have to do is tell it how much brine you want and whether you are using dextrose or table sugar. If you input the turkey’s weight, it will estimate the ppm of cure in the turkey.

Have a look at the example results below. If you want it, then download the .XLSX file by clicking here.

Smone-N-Choke Spreadsheet picture