0.9 – Quiz – 2012

(also known as) Self Checkup

1. Before Project “B”, did you realize that considering the expense of the amount of grain it requires to simply produce a pound of beef, the bovine is one of the most inefficient animals on our planet?

2. Why is “prime beef” not found in supermarkets and grocery stores?

3. What is a neutered bull called?

4. A young cow, more than one year of age, is called a heifer. What is a “fresh” cow? How long will she continue to give milk? What is she called when she ceases to produce milk ?

5. Why was the Texas Longhorn phased out? What breed of steer does most of our beef come from today? Why?

6. The quality of beef is determined by what? Is “choice” beef available in supermarkets?

7. What happens during “aging”?

8. Why is “select” beef usually slow cooked or grilled? Is this a good choice of meat for sausage?

9. When beef is purchased in vacuum packages, it appears dark reddish-purple. When the package is opened, exposure to oxygen causes the meat to turn what color? What color will it be after a few days?

10. Since the 1980’s, the fat content in pork has been reduce about how much? Why are sausage makers generally not at all happy about this reduction?

11. Beef has three primary cuts along it’s back. The hog has but one. What is it called? What is pork shoulder also known as?

Answers: (1.) ? (2.) It is kept for restaurants (3.) Steer (4.) One that has given birth – has an eleven month milk supply after which she becomes a “dry” cow (5.) Not economically produced (too lean) – Hereford and Angus (6.) Marbling – yes (7.) Connective tissues break down through the action of enzymes, increasing tenderness (8.) Needs tenderizing or marinating – yes (9.) bright red – brown (10.) nearly 45% – less fat means less flavor (11.) the loin – shoulder is called Boston Butt

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