0.5 – Reading – 2012

…ordered those supplies, herbs, and spices yet? Attaboy! (…or girl, if the case may be.) While we wait on supplies let’s do a little reading. We’ll discuss the material online. You may wish to supplement your reading by also reading,“Home Production Of Quality Meats And Sausages”… by Stan and Adam Marianski. For those of you wishing to know how well you understand the material, I’ll post a series of True of False questions for each topic below. The answers will be given at the bottom of the page as we progress and you’ll have to check your own score. We will not compare or discuss scores, but you should ask questions about the ones you miss. The questions are there only for you to evaluate your own understanding. If you miss a question, why not discuss the topic with the group online? 

(1) Sausagemaking (General)

(1) Let’s begin by reading the following information about sausage making. It’s only a page long but contains some great information written by Stan Marianski. This page covers the basics of sausage making:

– (a.) http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making

– (b.) online discussion & questions answered

– (c.) I’ll also post some info to help you understand the basic process.


(2) Basic Processes

While we wait for our supplies, please read and review the basic processes below described by Stan Marianski. Please don’t get ahead of yourself or the rest of the group. Take only one topic at a time and discuss it with the group. These are not long at all and may be read in a few minutes. We’ll discuss each topic on line as we go. [Note: these are the original links. Until we replace them with Chuckwagon’s own writings, they’ll just have to do. Besides, they’re still the best information on the internet. …for now.]

Simply click on the following links:

meat selection – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/meat-selection

curing – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/curing

grinding – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/grinding-meat

mixing – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/mixing-meat

stuffing – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/stuffing

drying – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/drying

smoking – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/smoking-meat

cooking – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/cooking-meat

cooling – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/cooling-meat

storing – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/storing-meat

freezing – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/freezing-meat

thawing – http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-making/thawing-meat


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