0.3 – Ordering Supplies – 2012

Necessary supplies:

– 22-26 mm sheep casings for the Breakfast Sausage

– 32-36 mm hog casings for Italian Sausage and Csabaii Sausage

– 19 mm collagen casing for Kabanosy

– 76 m.m. mahogany-colored casings for smokey beef stick.

– *Brown plastic presentation netting (if giving this sausage as a holiday gift.)

Casings are getting expensive. If you intend to make more sausage, you may wish to purchase an entire hank. Many supply companies offer “shorts” or “home paks” costing less. Natural casings do not spoil when preserved in saltwater solution and kept in a refrigerator.

¨- 1 package T-SPX Bactoferm culture (we will use 0.12 g. for the sausage)

Freeze the remainder for future use. Note: You may wish to wait just a while before ordering this item in order to receive the freshest culture possible.

¨- Powdered dextrose


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