0.2 – Project “B” Recipes – 2012

In order to gain knowledge and experience in several areas, let’s make the following:(A.) “Fresh” type sausages:

  • 2.2 lbs. (1 kg. ) Breakfast Sausage (Page 212 in “Home Production Of Quality Meats And Sausages” by Stan Marianski)
  • 2.2 lbs. (1 kg.) Italian Sausage (Page 219 in “Home Production Of Quality Meats And Sausages” by Stan Marianski)

(B.) “Cured & Cooked” type sausages:

(C.) “Semi-Dry Cured” Sausage:

  • (1.) 5 lbs. (2.27 kg.) Chorizo by El Ducko.(See this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Chorizo-Mexican-by-el-Ducko.pdf)
  • (2.) 5 lbs. (2.27 kg.) Smokey Beef Stick http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Saddle-Bum-Smoky-Beef-Stick.pdf (If you’ve strolled past the stores in a mall just before the holidays, perhaps you’ve stopped at the place that sells smoked sausages. You know the one… it’s got a “hardwood” in its name and they offer several types of gift baskets for the holidays. Lots of folks like their “smoked beef stick”. This is a pretty good clone and it’s a great gift idea for your friends or relatives during the holidays when you put it inside a mahogany casing then inside a dark brown plastic diamond-pattern presentation netting. Tie a fancy Christmas bow around the hog ring and you’ve got a great-looking and great-tasting gift that anyone would like to have. They are best made about 2 weeks before Christmas and kept refrigerated.)

(D.) “Cold-Smoked Fermented Spreadable Sausage”

* Note that these sausages have been chosen to give participants experience with a variety of casings, ingredients, and techniques. The Mettwurst is even made using a culture although it will not be necessary to have a fermentation chamber or drying chamber.

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