0.1 – Project “B” Introduction – 2012

Project B is organized for those who wish to learn the very basics of sausage making. It is also for more experienced members who wish to participate to help others over some of the obstacles. There will be a ton of questions and we encourage those with experience to share their knowledge while remembering it is a beginner’s project.

Let it be said upfront, “There are no ‘silly’ questions here… just silly answers”. The outline has been planned and written for absolute beginners with possible confidence problems and a suggested reading and study agenda is included. (The forum topic was closed to all persons not registered. This qas to prevent those choosing NOT to participate from posting remarks or criticizing beginners’ responses or sausage photos.)

The format includes reading and studying the very basic issues of the craft, while making “fresh” type sausages and then “cured & prep-cooked”- type sausages for grilling. Finishing up, we’ll touch on Semi-dry curing and even make a fermented spreadable sausage. As the chat opens, original participants were asked to please pose questions that would help benefit others also. This is YOUR forum. All I ask is that we remember it is for beginners and not geared for more advanced sausages and techniques. (…studied in a later forum). Please remember courtesy, fellowship, and the rules of the… forum.

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