1 – Project “B” – 2015 Introduction- Sausage Making

Sausage Making

sausage making
Thanks to Grasshopper for the photo – Project “B”

Project B is organized for those who wish to learn the very basics of sausage making. It is also for more experienced members who wish to participate to help others over some of the obstacles. There will be a ton of questions and we encourage those with experience to share their knowledge while remembering it is a beginner’s project.

The outline has been planned and written for absolute beginners with possible confidence problems and a suggested reading and study agenda is included. The basic outline looks like this: 

Outline Of Project B

  1. OUTLINE: Project Plan: If we are to gain knowledge and experience in the basic areas of sausage making, crafting a number of specific sausages is recommended, each with its own characteristics. For instance, the first is an English breakfast sausage with the characteristic flavor of sage. The next is an Italian sausage flavored by fennel. As we progress, we’ll learn about controlling texture with salt and by modifying proteins, how to use various casings, par-cooking, weighing and using cures, and much more. Here is a rough outline of some of the steps in the process. As we progress, we may wish to change certain recipes or procedures to fit the wishes of the participants. This is YOUR learning project. Don’t be afraid to speed up or slow down or even suggest changing part of Project B.

(A.) Fresh type “loose meat” sausages:
               (1.) 2.2 lbs. (1 kg. ) Boot Jack’s Barbed Wire Breakfast Sausage by Chuckwagon


               (1a.) Note: Folks who prefer just a bit more garlic in the mixture may enjoy Goodness Gracious Garlic Sausage by Chuckwagon, at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Fresh-Garlic-Sage-Sausage.pdf

(1b.) Note: Folks who prefer to make a Jamaican sausage with a little more spice, may enjoy “Brooklyn’s Jamaican Breakfast Sausage” by Graybeard. His instructions are for a kilogram (2.2 lbs.) of pork butt and various spices at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Brooklyn-Jamaican-Bkfst-Sausage.pdf
               (2.) 2.2 lbs. (1 kg.) Italian (Sweet) Sausage by Stan Marianski at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Italian-Sweet-or-Hot-Sausage.pdf

Although the recipe gives instructions for casing this sausage, we’ll make this one as a “loose meat” sausage for use as an ingredient in many Italian dishes.

                (3.) 5 lbs. (2.25 kg.) “Hip Shot” Hamburger Sausage (with soy protein concentrate) – by Chuckwagon at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Hipshot-Hamburgers-Chuckwagon.pdf

We’ll talk about meat color and flavor as we mix two different meats together. We’ll learn about “binding” and the reasons we use soy protein concentrate. No more shrinking, dry, hamburgers! This burger will knock yer’ socks off!
               (3a.) Note: Folks who prefer to make a basic sausage for a breakfast “Biscuits n’ Gravy” recipe, may enjoy making, “Outlaw’s Onion Sausage” at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Outlaw-Onion-Sausage-loose-fresh.pdf  We also have a terrific recipe for ranch style “Biscuits n’ Gravy” and we’ll post it when it’s time!

(B.) Cured-Cooked-Smoked Sausage

Comparing Cased Fresh Sausage with Cased Cured-Smoked Sausage – Two variations of the same recipe. Learning about Sodium Nitrite Cures and “Pink Salt”. Learning how to “case” sausage.

               (4.) 5 Lbs. (2.25 kg.) Polish Kielbasa (fresh type) “cased” sausages – are never smoked… and why!


               (5.)  5 Lbs. (2.25 kg.) Polish Kielbasa (cured-cooked-smoked) “cased” sausages – are smoked! http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Polish-Kielbasa.pdf  Learning how to “smoke” sausage.

(6.) 2.3 lbs. (1 kg.) Hungarian Csabaii by Snagman at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/CsabaiiKleckner.pdf    This Hungarian sausage is out of this world! Made with garlic and sweet Hungarian paprika, making this sausage will give us more practice in casing sausages to avoid “smearing” and to make more uniform links.

(6a.) Smoked Pork Loin (ham) aka “Canadian Bacon” by Chuckwagon at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Saddlebum-Canadian-Bacon.pdf    Learn how to make a brine and change the very nature of pork, cure and salt the product, smoke the meat with hickory sawdust, and make the finest “ham” you’ve ever had.
(C. ) Emulsified sausage

(7.) 4.4 lbs. (2 kg.) Kabanosy (Polish snack-stick By Stan Marianski at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Cactus-Jack-Kabanosy.pdf

It is also on page 235 in “Home Production Of Quality Meats And Sausages” by Stan Marianski.
To introduce associates to collagen casings, Kabanosy has been chosen because it is simple to stuff collagen casings then simply snip them into foot lengths with a pair of scissors. There is no clipping or tying involved and the casing is edible. The original recipe calls for sheep casing, but I think Stan will forgive us this one time in order to learn about collagen casings. Kabanosy has been called the “finest meatstick in the world”.
               (8.) 10 lbs. Lone Peak Longhorns (Top grade American hot dog “frankfurter” by Chuckwagon at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Lone-Peak-Hog-Longhorns-pork-hotdogs.pdf

               (9.) 5 lbs (2.27 kg.) Brown & Serve Sausage by Chuckwagon
               (9a.) 2.2 lbs. (1 kg. ) German Bratwurst (Brats in casings) by Stan Marianski at this link: http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Bratwurst-Smoked-Marianski.pdf     (Page 211 in “Home Production Of Quality Meats And Sausages” by Stan Marianski)

(D.) “Semi-Dry Cured” Sausage
               (10.) 5 lbs. (2.27 kg.) Chorizo by El Ducko at this link:   http://sausageswest.com/chorizo/   When it comes to Chorizo, our own Chief Waterfowl Officer ranks as an expert. His book, “Chorizo Of The Western World” is published here on SausagesWest. Take your pick from many recipes included and get ready for a real treat. Thanks Duk!

               (11.) 5 lbs. (2.27 kg.) Smokey Beef Stick by Chuckwagon at this link:  http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Saddle-Bum-Smoky-Beef-Stick.pdf  (If you’ve strolled past the stores in a mall just before the holidays, perhaps you’ve stopped at the place that sells smoked sausages. You know the one… it’s got a “hardwood” in its name and they offer several types of gift baskets for the holidays. Lots of folks like their “smoked beef stick”. This is a pretty good clone and it’s a great gift idea for your friends or relatives during the holidays when you put it inside a mahogany casing then inside a dark brown plastic diamond-pattern presentation netting. Tie a fancy Christmas bow around the hog ring and you’ve got a great-looking and great-tasting gift that anyone would like to have. They are best made about 2 weeks before Christmas and kept refrigerated

(E.) Other topics included in Project B (Included when appropriate)

Smoked Fish
Making bacon
Making ham and tasso

The format includes reading and studying the very basic issues of the craft, while making “fresh” type sausages and then “cured & prep-cooked”- type sausages for grilling. Finishing up, we’ll touch on Semi-dry curing and even make a few special projects such as hams and bacons. m.

Participants: So far, the following folks have signed up. If you want to sign up (or already did but your name isn’t here), fill in a reply comment below and proper disciplinary action will be dealt out to unsuspecting but deserving staff members.

Participants for Project “B” are as follows: Badjak, Graybeard, SawhorseRay, Texas Blonde Lady, Grasshopper, el Ducko, Shuswap, and Dabrjn. Congratulations, Folks. Others, please defer to these folks, but add in your two-cents-worth if you can “further the cause.”

NEXT: click here to move on to 2 – Project “B” – 2015 Reading, the page where Chuckwagon goes over some of the “Rules of the Road,” then plunges into our first topic, “The Fascinating World of Sausage Making.”

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