– Project “B” – 2015

Sausage Making Course

Going… Going… Gone..!

A “Participation” Learning Course (not just) For Beginners – Learn By Experience, Eat Your Creations, And Have Fun Doing It!

We use Stan and Adam Marianskis’ book, “Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages” for reference.

([Not just] for Beginners!)… Project B was organized for those who wish to learn the basics of sausage making. It was also for more experienced members who wish to help others over some of the obstacles. We encouraged those with experience to share their knowledge while remembering it is a beginners’ project. The course was written for absolute beginners with possible confidence problems. A suggested reading list and study agenda was included. We read about  basic issues of the craft while making “fresh” type sausages and then “cured & prep-cooked”- type sausages for grilling. Finishing up, we touched briefly on Semi-dry curing, but never quite got around to making a fermented spreadable sausage.

There will be another Project “B”. You can count it. …as we say in the bidniss, “Real Soon Now.” …every year or two, anyway. Until then, feel free to read about this past project’s madcap adventures and try ’em yourself. There’s some good readin’ in there.

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