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by Chuckwagon (and occasionally, el Ducko)

There are two sides to SausagesWest.com   – –  a FORUM and a WEBSITE. They are intertwined like a book, as you can see below. In the Main Menu, click on a Forum topic or a Website Subject. The difference:

  • Forum – Discussion Topics, Where you can Comment ’til the cows come come (and then, cook and eat ’em!), plus find Sausage Recipes…
  • Website Contents – Reference Topics, Where you can look up information pertaining to Sausage Making

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Chapter 1 – “These Bugs Want to Eat Your Lunch” (Microbiology)
Microbiology and Technology (Science of Meat & Cultures)
–>Understanding Bacteria – Fermented Sausages…
–>Disrupting Protein Structures (Acid, Base, and Alcohol addition)
–>Speaking of Salt – useful details about the stuff
–>Calculating Legal Amounts of Sodium Nitrite

Chapter 2 – “Rustlers’ Bovine and Porcine Basics” (Meat)
–>Speakin’ th’ Lingo
–> Three Basic Grades of Beef
–>Pigs and Hogs
–>Certified Pork and Raw Meat Sausages
–>The Four Types of Sausages
–>Additives Used in Sausages
–<The Sausage Making Process
–>The Primary Bind
–>Casings and Stuffing Details on how best to easily…
–>Problems With Sausage Texture
–>Reviewing Sausage Sense & Secrets
–>44 Sausage Making Tips to Save You Grief
–>“Tasting” Food with your Nose!

Chapter 3 – Meat Smokers and Smoking Meat
–>Smokehouses and Hardware(Equipment and techniques)
–>Woods Used for Smoking
–>Making Your Own Smoker
–>Butchering and Preparing Your Own Chicken
——Recipe: “Smoke-n-Choke” Delicious Smoked Turkey
–>Smoking and Cooking a Turkey
–> Salting and Smoking Fish
–>Differences Between Hot Smoking and Cold Smoking
–>”Tails n’ Tales”
——Recipe: “Great Salt Lake Salmon”
——Recipe: Capaciola
——Cold Smoking

Chapter 4 – Fresh Sausage
–>Tenderfoot Territory (Beginners’ Forum – Getting Started – Fresh Sausages)
–>Sausages at Home (Fresh, Cured/Cooked/Smoked Semi-dried Sausages)
–>Herbs & Spices
——Densities of Common Ingredients
–>Sausage Making Tips & Techniques

Chapter 5 – Ham, Bacon, and Whole Muscles – (Preserving Entire Cuts)
–>Injecting and Brining Whole Muscle Meats

Chapter 6 – Fermented Sausages (Fermented and Air-Dried)
–>Project “A” (Salami d’Allessandra) 2012
—-Wisdom Gleaned from the Original Project “A” (part 1)     (part 2)     (part 3)

–>Project “A” (Salami d’Allessandra) 2016

—>Project “C” (Dry Curing) 2017

  1. Intro
  2. Background – Control Theory – (two weeks)
    • Includes Chuckwagon on “Are ‘Fermentation Chambers’ and ‘Curing Chambers’ Really Necessary?”
  3. Control Design and Equipment Construction – (two weeks)
    • Includes “Chuckwagon on Microorganisms”
  4. Testing the Equipment – (two weeks)
    • Includes “Observations on Sausage” by Stan Marianski
    • Includes “Ordering Supplies”
    • Includes “More Wisdom from Chuckwagon”
  5. Summer Sausage “Live” Test – (two weeks)
    • A Reminder from Chuckwagon – “We Are Going to Purposely Spoil Meat”
    • Will include Appropriate Notes and Experiences
  6. Salami Production – (two to three months)
    • Will include Appropriate Notes and Experiences
  7. Pastrami, Pastirma, and Chorizo – (as needed)
  8. Wrap-Up – (concurrent with above)

Chapter 7 – APPENDICES
–>Resource List (Where to Order…)
–>A tribute to Rytek Kutas and Stan Marianski
–>Australian – New Zealand (and other) Resource List
–>Recipe Index (sausages)
–>Recipe Index (other recipes)
–>Book Reviews
–>Archived Projects
——Project “A” (2011) – Fermented Sausage Project Instruction and key posts
——Project “B” (2012) Beginning Sausage Making Project Instruction and key posts
~~~~~~Part 1 – Introduction
~~~~~~Part 2 – Recipes
~~~~~~Part 3 – Ordering Supplies
~~~~~~Part 4 –Herbs & Spices
~~~~~~Part 5 – Reading
~~~~~~Part 6 – Let’s Get Started (Fresh Sausages)
~~~~~~Part 7 – Additional Info (log book, Utensils,Cleanliness, Food Poisoning
~~~~~~Part 8 – Meat Selection
~~~~~~Part 9 – Quiz
——Project “B” (2015) Beginning Sausage Making Project Instruction and key posts
~~~~~~Part 1 – Introduction
~~~~~~Part 2 – Startup
~~~~~~Part 3 – Reading:  Meat Selection / Grinding, Curing / Mixing / Stuffing
~~~~~~Part 4 – Choosing the Right Meat for your Sausages  pork, beef cuts
~~~~~~Part 5 – Recipes, Ordering Supplies
~~~~~~Part 6 – Smoking and Curing Sausages

——Project “C” (2017) Dry Cured Meats

KnowledgeBase – Where Big Ideas Live On…

– Archival Project “B” Sausage Making Courses

– “Guide to pH Measurement in Food and Drink,” (“Our Daily Brine” site) or (our copy)

The Duck Blind – Archived Items from The University of Northern South Texas

 Some of the Finer Detail

plus lots of hardware tips. (Hint: use the Search function)

…all hosted by the affable Chuckwagon and the unflappable “el Ducko,” two sausage aficionados (perhaps fictional nadas?) who, themselves,  enjoy sausage making and meat processing.

How does Chuckwagon do it all? Beats heck out of me, but somehow he does. Explore, enjoy, share, wonder…