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cropped-cropped-winter-buckboard2.jpgWelcome to our little Forum about all things sausage! Sausage! Sausage! Sausage!
… plus Tall Tales from the Old West
…plus some other drivel too obscure to mention.

Don’t miss the fun! All you have to do to join us and become a member is tell Chuckwagon or El DuckO that you wish to have comment privileges. Simply scroll down to the form below, fill it out, and… voila! When we get around to it, we’ll set you up all nice and official-like, “Real Soon Now.”. (Until then, browse all you like. You just won’t be able to comment until…  you know…)

We’re just a couple of old guys (especially ol’ Chuckwagon)  who share a passion for making sausage.
(…and Old West tall tales.)
(…and corny jokes).

What? You pesky pile of plummage…. you, you… Duck QUACK!  Who are you calling old with corny jokes? I’ll have you know that I’m not old yet!

Hmmmm… who are we? El DuckO (QuackO) is a Texan who actually believes he is a duck. He’s got a photo of himself peering into a window of a 727 at 30,000 feet! The man is actually  a docterrrrr of chemical engineering and he’s retired, quietly living in duck watcherTexas somewhere, makin’ sausages and trying to avoid headhunters!

Me? I’m Chuckwagon – a beat up ol’ cow kicker who likes to make sausages. Together, we are actually best friends, but don’t tell anyone… it goes to the Duck’s head! I live in Utah and just keep missing that dad-gummed duck… but my aim is improving every day. I’ve recently changed to .12 gauge salt loads… and I’m goin’ duck huntin’!

Keep scrolling down. (That dang form is down here somewhere.) Join us cowpoke and we’ll show you how to stuff a sausage and make a big fuss about it. Nice to have you with us. Oh, and if you are looking for sausage – making recipes, you’ve come to the right place. We have access to hundreds of tried n’ true sausage recipes from all around the world.

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Are you searching for great sausage recipes? (Are you still searching for that dang form, too? Keep scrolling down!) Maybe you are looking for tricks of the trade – techniques and procedures. Have you thought about joining us? Why not? What’s stopping you? We need you on our SausagesWest site! Even if you are the shy type and don’t even write in, you can be part of the group and keep an eye on the forum.

There is one heck of a lot of info on this website and The Duk has it pretty well organized now. Check out the recipe section for choices you didn’t know were available on the net!

Are you new to sausage-making? Shucks, even if you are an “old-timer”, you ought to jump in and join us. Don’t miss the fun! All you have to do to join us and become a member is tell Chuckwagon or El DuckO that you wish to have comment privileges. Simply fill out the form below. (It’s down there somewhere.)

Come and join the fun and the banter. Find great recipes and check out a little “Western History” and “Tall Tales” too! This is a great place to meet others with the same interest in sausage making!

Best Wishes,

Chuckwagon & el DuckO


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