Project “C” – Dry Curing Project

Dry Curing Techniques Course


This project has been postponed due to low readership response.
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Introducing a “Participation” Learning Course for those interested in dry curing whole muscle meats – Learn By Experience, Eat Your Creations, And Have Fun Doing It!

This course presumes that you already have some knowledge of sausage making, have a reasonable grasp of meat processing fundamentals, and understand the role of curing in meat processing. We will start off with a quick review of what’s become the “bible” around here, Stan and Adam Marianskis’ book, “Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages.” (If you don’t have a copy already, you should order one.) We’ll wade through chapters 22 and 23 in detail, using also a nice little book by Hector Kent titled “Dry Curing Pork – Make Your Own Salami, Pancetta, Coppa, Proscuitto, and More.”

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Participants should note that most recipes will involve dry curing in a plastic bag in a refrigerator, followed by smoke cooking, so not much is required beyond what you would use for making sausages. Along the way, however, we’ll offer a few recipes which are done using wet-curing methods or require specialized curing equipment to maintain 55 degF, 75% humidity. If you are interested in these latter recipes, please refer to our two “Project A” write-ups to see what hardware is involved. You can build a curing cabinet, if you are reasonably good at tinkering, for around $100 (USD). Commercially-built units are available, but a bit pricey.

This project is organized for those who wish to learn about whole muscle dry curing. It is also for more experienced members who wish to help others over some of the obstacles. We encourage those with experience to share their knowledge.  A suggested reading list and study agenda will be included.

There will be other Projects from time to time. You can count it. …as we say in the bidniss, “Real Soon Now.” …every year or two, anyway. Until then, feel free to read about past projects’ madcap adventures and try ’em yourself. There’s some good readin’ in there.

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