iPad & Phone Quick Links

Small-screen devices like phones and iPads don’t pick up
“Parallax” features like scrolling and picture-based links.
Use this page instead, to link to a Main Page or a Topic (if you have to).

Click on one of the following links to follow that topic.
Then scroll all the way down to “Leave a Reply” to make a comment.
…or for specific archived information:
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How To Post a Comment

Pull the slider down until you find a series of links.
You can post comments at the end of nearly any major topic
(except the Contents/Index/Recipes).
Pick a topic and click on it. An introduction followed by comments will be shown.
You can reply to any comment, or go to the bottom of the page to enter your own comment.
Use the “Older Comments” and “Newer Comments” buttons.

  • At the bottom of all pages is a summary of the most recent comments.
  • To reply, click on the summary line and you’ll be whisked away to that post.
  • Slide down just a bit, to the REPLY box, and type into it, then click on the “Submit” button.
  • …change your mind? You can edit or request deletion.
  • To find something listed in a comment, try typing into the “Search” box just above the summary.
  • To find archived material, click on “Contents… Forum and Reference Guide” or “Index”