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Your best place for advice on sausage making and sausage recipes

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Howdy Pards!  … “Chuckwagon” and “El DuckO” here… We’re Mighty Happy You Stopped By! Explore our sausage making and sausage recipes site by clicking on any photo or “button” below to open a topic! 

Here are just a few of the things you’ll find here at …

– Sausage Making, Sausage Recipes, Sausage Smoking
– Free Professional Instruction And Advice!
– Hundreds Of Proven Sausage Recipes! (See Category #7 Below!)
– Bacon & Ham Curing & Smoking!
– Curing With Sodium Nitrite/Nitrate – Instruction and Savvy
– Bacteria “Safety Savvy” – USDA
– Forum Chat Room – Free Membership
– “Old West” History Forum
– Tall Tales, Fun, & Bullshipping!
– Technical Questions Answered Online
To search, use the “Search” box (upper right on most pages) to find the page,
then zero in on the item with your browser’s “find” function (usually “find on page” in the “Edit” menu).

Chuckwagon: Warm yourself by the campfire while you scroll down! We’re all about sausage making and sausage recipes. We gladly share our professional, time-tested formulas and technical information with the home hobbyist. If you are fed up with grocers’ high prices and wish to make a better product, then you’ve come to the right place! 
el DuckO: Home sausage making hobbyists and smoke addicts will find our site chock-full of technical information and sausage recipes for all your reference needs. Although our website is open for everyone to read, you need to become a member in order to make comments to take part in discussions. Please join us and become part of our websausage making; sausage recipes;site! Just click on the “Join Us” button below.
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Chuckwagon: I reckon we ought ta’ get acquainted. Though I’ve been called a lot of things, I’ll answer to “Chuckwagon”, a tag I picked up when I wrote a newspaper column called “The Chuckwagon Gourmet”. I’m a cowpunchin’ curmudgeon and I hang my hat on a mountain in Utah. My partner is a brassy, audacious yet insightful, DUCK. He refers to himself as the “Chief Waterfowl Officer,” calls himself “el DuckO,” and is more of a grommet than a gourmet.
el DuckO:
We’re here to help you with anything we can. If we don’t have an answer for you, we’ll FIND a REAL answer for you. We’re just tickled to talk about bacon, ham, sausages, and all types of preserved meats. We’ll help… but you’ve got to ask.
So, park yer’ hoss, throw the saddle over the top rung of the corral, curry that broomtail down just a bit, and give him a few oats! Mosey, saunter, amble, or ramble your way on down to the ol’ campfire – there’s plenty of hot Arbuckle’s in the pot.
el DuckO: Although our site gets quite technical in places, we try to keep the atmosphere “light”. With all that goes on here, the truth gets stretched out quite a bit as we exchange all sorts of information… everything but religion or politics, that is.§ click here §

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Your best place for advice on sausage making and sausage recipes

Quote of Note:

“Everything has an end. (Only the sausage has two.)”

“Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.”