Howdy wranglers, smoke addicts, and sausage craftsmen everywhere! Welcome to SausagesWest atThe Rusty Spur Ranch. I’m Chuckwagon and this is the place we say “Howdy” to new members. I reckon it’s also for “kickin’ up a little corral dust and stringin’ whizzers” (telling lies and tall tales), and gittin’ acquainted as well. How about lettin’ us know who you are and where you’re from? We’d like to know where you new members hang your Stetsons as well as a few more details about yourselves, so give us a big “Yeeee Haaaaw” and tell us all about yourself! cowgirls horses snow

Don’t be shy… you are mighty welcome in our outfit pards; you’re going to like this place. The recipes alone will have you grinnin’ like a burro eatin’ cactus! Pull up some campfire or some shade and pour some Arbuckles strong enough to float a Colt. Join in the story-tellin’ and fun. Be sure to check out all our sausage-making recipes in the recipe section and start making sausage! Most of all, have fun as you learn.

Duks LOVE ceviche! (Cali, Colombia, 2015)
Duks LOVE ceviche! (Cali, Colombia, 2015)

Tarnation! I reckon the language of the Old West could be just a little confusing to us today. For instance, today we would say something like, “Well, if that don’t beat all”. In the Old West, you would have heard, “Well, if that don’t take the rag off the bush”. And if something or someone was superior or outstanding – such as a man displaying leadership, he was the “Tall hog at the trough”! Well, I wish to introduce you to such a man… my ol’ pardner El DuckO in Texas. He thinks he’s a Duck and he will drive you crazy, but actually he’s a pretty smart ol’ bird! So, wipe yer’ chins waddies, and get a wiggle on. Fork your hosses; I reckon its time to absquatulate and mosey on down to the crumb castle. Bime-by, the belly cheater just had to cut up some bear sign! So grab yer eatin’ irons and reloadin’ outfits you bull nurses,  and skedaddle. Catawampously sidle up with that dough puncher. ”Oh yes, the west could be a harsh place with its own language alright. Have you got technical questions? Post ‘em and let us know. If we don’t have an answer, we’ll find one for you. We’re not so far away… only about “two whoops and a holler “.

Oh, I almost forgot! Be sure to click on the Duk’s photo above. He’s the guy NOT wearing his cowboy hat!

(I like to click right between his eyes!)… Now, click on the enlarged photo (again)… to enlarge it even more! This is his mayorial-candidate photo although we found it on a “wanted poster” in Texas! He actually looks pretty good for a man nearly a hundred years old… ‘eh?

 Best Wishes,

Chuckwagon and el Ducko  (Chuck n’ Duk)

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59 thoughts on “≡ WELCOME NEW WRANGLERS! ≡

  1. Howdy Wranglers!

    We have a new member, but I’ll have to wait until he thaws out before I can sign him in. You see, he was on his horse and got all wet in the creek. Now the weather here can get pretty funny and the temperature can drop twenty degrees in just a few minutes. That’s what happened last Tuesday to our pal Greg. He was out ridin’ his mount “ol Spark Plug” when he decided to jump with his horse across Shiverin’ Glacier Creek.
    Now, Greg’s handle is “xúc xích” and the x’s are pronounced like z’s. The man is actually an Aussie living in Viet Nam. Anyway, Greg took a long run atop his hoss Sparky and the pair were movin’ quick as the wind when they reached the bank of the creek. Ol’ Spark Plug lept! Man, what a leap! What a sight. The duo became airborne several seconds as Sparky attempted to jump the creek in a single bound. However…. Sheee yuksss children! The dad-gummed temperature dropped below freezing all of a sudden while they were right in the middle of their jump. The pair just froze out there above the creek – right in mid-air! Dang-dest thing I ever saw! I reckon we’ll just have to wait ‘till spring to thaw ‘em out, as I’ve tried everything from buildin’ a huge fire, to dynamite. They won’t budge. Reckon those boys will be mighty hungry about then, so I’d better start supper! Welcome aboard Xuc Xich. We’re looking forward to chattin’ with you pal.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Yeee Hawwww! Another intelligent member is joining us from Dallas, Texas! Hello BRIAN and welcome to SausagesWest! Pull up some shade and “set a spell”! We’re glad to have you with us and hope you make yourself right at home.
    Geeeze… you’re in a big state! I don’t think people realize that Texas is actually larger than the state of Rhode Island. Yup, it has 267,339 square miles of land and is 7.4% of our nation’s total area. And just where does the name “Texas” come from? The Hasinai Indian word tejas means friends or allies. Lots of folks know that more land is farmed in Texas than in any other state, but many don’t realize that The Edwards Plateau, (a bit west of where El DuckO lives), is the top sheep-growing area in the country. This area of the state produces more wool than any other state in the union. Yeeeeoooowwww! Do you know what sheep do to cattlemen? Well, that’s another story, but I believe that is what is wrong with El DuckO…. Yup, he has just been around too many sheep. That’s the reason some folks call him “mutton head”! (Actually, they don’t raise sheep in the duck’s part of the state. …goats, yes, not not sheep. …cabrito! …”South Texas lawnmowers!”)
    Now, if you’d like to talk about cow critter ranchin’… the King Ranch, between Brownsville and Corpus Christi, is the home of 35,000 cattle and over 200 Quarter Horses. Hey….”Beef! It’s what’s fer’ dinner”! Oh yes… , can you guess how many cattle are in your state? Sheeeeyuks! There are nearly 16 million!

    Brian, there is a ton or resources and hundreds of recipes at your disposal on SW and we’re here to help you with your projects at any time. We don’t believe there is such a thing as a silly question… just silly answers! Don’t hesitate to ask us about anything. If we don’t have an answer for you, then we’ll FIND an answer for you. (Ed.Note: …or CW will make one up? Naw, not really. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Can you BELIEVE those trichina pictures?) Lots of folks in our membership have years of experience, while others have none. The ol’ timers are generous and ardent and they’ll often join in and help answer any question you may post. We are looking forward to chatting with you so kick off yer’ spurs Brian, grab a cup, and help yourself to some Arbuckle’s on the campfire. Again, welcome aboard!

    Best Wishes,

    1. You might have felt the tremors- – ol’ geographically-challenged CW had accidentally moved the Edwards Plateau east about 100 miles and the King Ranch about a hundred miles north. …blatant attempt to squeeze me out, if you ask me.

      …but nobody noticed (sniff), so I used my super powers as editor and corrected both faults. Hopefully the nearby Balcones Fault (which you can see on maps as the reason I-35 curves from Austin to San Antonio) will not become active again as a result of his meddling. The last time he tried this, the Grand Canyon opened up, and he had to move Utah a hundred miles north to avoid falling in.
      Duk 😀

  3. Howdy Pardners!
    Are you looking for articles dealing with specific information about meat curing or smoking? Perhaps you have questions about barbecue, preserving food, cooking, or even roasting a duck! Well pard, just click on “The “EARLIEST RISIN’ WRANGLER”. It’s the place to go for many “technical” writings and it may contain just what you’re looking for. If you have a specific, technical question about a detailed technical subject, ASK! We’ll find an answer for you if it is related to food, preserving food, barbecue, or meat curing or smoking.

    The “Earliest Risin’ Wrangler” is at this link: http://sausageswest.com/%C2%A7-word-earliest-risin-wrangler-technical-corner-2/

    Here are a few of the items you’ll see inside The “Earliest Risin’ Wrangler”:

    • How to butcher and dress your own chickens or ducks
    • How to barbecue the best ribs and brisket in the West!
    • How to barbecue an entire hog (with sauces)
    • Info about casings and stuffers
    • Info all about lamb with recipes
    • How to calculate nitrate/nitrite cures
    • Info all about salt
    • How to taste food with your nose
    • List of common sausages with descriptions
    ….. and more!

    Best Wishes,

  4. Yeeee Hawww! There’s a stage comin’ in… There’s a stage comin’ in! Whooaaa pards… hold up them-there hosses! You’re at the Rusty Spur Ranch at SausagesWest! Let’s let the dust clear and have a look-see inside. My goodness, there are a few weary passengers inside. Don’t fret folks, we’re not “holdin’ up the stage”… We’re checkin’ to see if these folks are still in one piece. That’s a mighty rough ride ‘twixt Melbourne and Sydney!
    Welcome aboard Ben and Georgina Duke in Melbourne, Australia. It’s great to have you with us folks. Your tag (GU Duke), is interesting. How do you brand your cattle folks? GUD? Goodness, mine is BRB. Oh yes, the Duk? He can’t even hang on to a brandin’ iron. He keeps burning himself and dropping the danged thing on his foot. So, he paints his cattle instead of branding them. First he covers them in pink paint… then he puts on purple polka dots! It’s hard to miss his cattle. They all look like a bunch of sissies!
    Hey Ben and Georgina…. You MUST click on “Cows With Guns” for the hazing ritual here at SausagesWest. Can you bear three minutes of goofiness… goofyness? Or is it Goofy-ness? Let me re-phrase the question… Can you bear three minutes of kookiness? Click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IJBbtkBMMs

    You’re going to like SausagesWest. There are some of the world’s greatest folks here. Bunch of great sausagemakers too. Don’t be shy. Tell us about yourselves and how you stuff a sausage! Great to have you here!

    Best Wishes,
    Chuckwagon & El DuckO

  5. Say there wranglers! Lookie yonder deep in the sagebrush. Two waddies shootin’ back at a posse. Where you boys a goin’? Holy saddlebags hombres! These boys iz’ a carry-un’ gold coin bags! Sakes alive, they’re duckin’ 30-30’s from the sheriff’s carbine! Quick boys, duck in here an’ hide yer mounts. We’ll hide those broomtails in the tack shed while you holster yer hoglegs and wrap yerselves with these blankets and huddle ‘round the campfire! Act like you’ve been there about twenty years, a drinkin’ Arbuckles from the pot. We’ll hide ya up good boyz. Just act like El DuckO normally does. Hey, wait just a minute… I recognize you two! I saw ya on the wanted-poster down at the post office. Y’all are Treacherous Tom out of South Carolina and yer handle is “TJDJ” isn’t it? And now you’re hangin’ round with that unscrupulous Contemptible Kevin from Lenexa, Kansas! Wow, they say he once trimmed Matt Dillon’s toenails with a .45 caliber Peacemaker! Welcome to the #1 Sausage website and friendliest hideout in the west!

    TJDJ is in South Carolina.
    Kev is in Lenexa, Kansas.

    Best Wishes,

  6. Have you ever seen such a great-lookin’ bunch of folks? Welcome aboard new members! Wow! These new guys are really intelligent too! Well, they joined SausagesWest didn’t they? The latest folks are:

    StickString in Northern California
    Daddy04 in Virginia
    Smokeit in York Springs, Pennsylvania
    Dirk in South Africa
    Tom (USA)
    Woodford in Thailand
    bkleinsmid in Penn Valley, California

    Gents, you are welcome as summer rain and we wish you the best. Oh, and yes… I almost forgot… New members, by tradition, must click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IJBbtkBMMs and watch “Cows With Guns”!

    How about telling us what you do for a living? It might be fun to hear how our members make those hard-earned sheckles.

    Best Wishes,

  7. I think we’ve got some pretty unique name tags in our membership lately and we’d certainly like to wish our new guys a great big “howdy, welcome, and best wishes”!
    These real “shady” characters rode into camp with guilty looks on their faces! After they put up their broomtails, they sat around the campfire drinkin’ Arbuckles and singin’ “I Shot The Sheriff”! Now, what kind of song is that to be singin’ in mixed compn’y? These guys look shady to me… There’s gsurko from Hastings, Michigan and I heard someone call him “Swifty” by accident. Then there’s a shooter out of BC Canada called “BobinBC” but those steely eyes tell me he’s really “Bad Bob” from the Longbranch in Dodge City! And just take a look at “smik1” from NW Washington, state! Look at that half-smile and shaky gun hand! Yup, he’s a “quick draw” all right. And then there’s “Rudolf” from Tewkesbury, UK. Seems to me I’ve seen his mug on a wanted poster in the Post Office at Tombstone, Arizona!
    Make yourselves at home boys, and pull up some shade. And for goodness sakes, be sure to have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IJBbtkBMMs
    Best Wishes,

  8. Thanks for letting me become a part of this group.I’m just an ol’ SWMO hillbilly…been cutting meat my whole life,not in a commercial setting,but my own butchering and processing.I just started down the sausage making road last year,besides making your basic breakfast sausage.I have a few batches of summer sausage and fermented salamis and pepperoni under my belt.After being introduced to the world of buckaroo/buckboard bacon,I have been making a lot of different varieties of this from pork butts,and have definitely been “bitten by the bug” with the impressing outcome.Any way thanks again for the add,look forward to picking up some new knowledge and techniques,and adding any pointers that I may have to offer.

  9. Welcome Greg! There’s some stuffin’ and smokin’ going on all the time around here. My thing is mainly fresh hog sausage in 35mm natural casings, and smoking hams, maple-honey belly bacon, and Canadian bacon. Maybe you could give me a couple of tips on Buckboard bacon, been wanting to try that. I just picked up 40 lbs of porkbutt earlier this week, at $1.29lb. I’ve been waiting for a couple of months to find the stuff at 99¢ lb but it just never happened for me. My next effort is going to be some breakfast sausage, maybe 10 lbs. of 6 oz. patties.I’m thinking it’d be a lot of strain on my gears to stuff the sausage into 22-24mm sheep casings, and way too many blowouts. Don’t be afraid to post pictures of your work, El Ducko LOVES pictures! Here’s a pic of this morning breakfast! Eggs Benedict with a slice of cheddar cheese melted in to English muffin, thick slice of my maple inspired Canadian bacon, three perfectly poached eggs, all topped with creamy Hollandaise sauce. It was pretty darned good if I say so myself, and I do! RAY

    1. Here’s an example of some of the buckboard bacon I do…yeah I wait until sales and pick up pork butts for .89 a lb…a lot cheaper than buying bacon and tastes just as good…..I just do a basic brine of 1Tbs of #1 cure…1tsp of dextrose…1tsp of salt…to a gallon of water….inject and let soak in brine 10 to 14 days…then low and slow on the smoker…about 155 to 160 for 12 hours to 137 IT…let rest slice and enjoy


  10. Sometimes the picture doesn’t show up, sometimes it does. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you’re regarded as one. Oh, there’s my beautiful Eggs Benedict! RAY


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