6 – HARDWARE…  Smokehouses, Curing Chambers, & Smokin’ Savvy

6 – HARDWARE… Smokehouses, Curing Chambers, & Smokin’ Savvy

What’s the secret for producing good, consistent smoke for long periods of time? (Chuckwagon burns our breakfast every day, on the trail drives, but sausage-making; sausage-recipes;that doesn’t count.)

What about handling meats during smoking? What are good brands of smokers? How do you build one? …and how do you control the dang ornery things? Have you smoked a ham for multiple days or weeks? —->>>>>

sausage-making; sausage-recipes;sausage-making; sausage-recipes;


<<<<<—–…ever cure a ham? …make bresaola? …ferment chorizo for several months? How do you maintain a controlled temperature and humidity for optimum bacteria and mold growth? “Inquiring Minds want to know.” Please write about these and similar topics. We’ll be glad you did.


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142 thoughts on “6 – HARDWARE… Smokehouses, Curing Chambers, & Smokin’ Savvy

  1. Barbecued Fish ! Yup, that’s right. If you can run your smoker up to 200 degF or thereabouts, you can barbecue fish and give ’em a smoky flavor to boot. This avoids concerns about those nasty diseases you can get by smoking fish improperly, seein’ as how these are cooked. Have a look at http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/BBQ-Fish.pdf for a recipe adapted from an excellent article by permission of Hank Shaw on https://honest-food.net/ which I’ve rewritten, condensed a bit, and commented on his choice of barbecue sauce (…South Carolina mustard BBQ? yuk!). Hey- – to each his own. Even he admits that the recipe is good with only a grind of black pepper.

    So, now that fishin’ season’s here, take your kids or grand-kids fishing (in the grocery store’s fish market if you have to), then try this recipe. I think you’ll like it.


  2. I normally use tilapia, as that’s the local fish here, but any type can be used.
    I like using red curry paste or any sort of SE Asian spices, combined with some kaffir lime leaves.
    I just chop and change, depending on what I feel like.
    This is quite a nice recipe: https://barbecuebible.com/recipe/malaysian-swordfish-banana-leaves/

    They don’t need long, but because they are wrapped in banana leaf, there is plenty play. The leaf also imparts some subtle flavour and it’s just a nice presentation as well

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