4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES      (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

What greater pleasure than a country ham and red-eye gravy breakfast? Well, personally…

But that’s okay. There are many regional specialties and traditional methods or preserving meats. Gimme a good corned-beef or pastrami on rye and a kosher or Polski Wyrobi dill pickle on the side, and I’ll be a happy camper.

…even tell you about the time I went on a job interview in Connecticut and had the best Reuben in my life? …had “duck breath” after that, so I didn’t get the job, but man! …was it worth it!

So, share your techniques, experiences, and Grandpa’s old traditional recipes here.

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290 thoughts on “4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

  1. Hi Badjak! I keep trying to post a pic of my coppa but it just won’t happen for me, it turned out great. The UMAi bags are a great way to go for dry curing meats, I’ve already got too much stuff to be getting involved with a curing chamber. Maybe the pic will post this time, maybe not, who knows? RAY

    Nope, didn’t happen.

    1. Yeah, tried to post it again, didn’t get the error message, just kind of froze with nothing happening. I could see “waiting for reply” up in the corner of my monitor, but nothing happened. I just got finished wrapping up ten pounds of maple-honey bacon smoked in Applewood. I tried to post a pic of that but got the same thing. The mystery of the internet. I see if there’s no picture attached the missive will post immediately. Weird. RAY

  2. It should look like this. This one is 3.65 MB. …may take a bit of waiting to upload, depending on your internet upload speed. (My AT&T connection clocks in at 9.18 MBPS using Ookla.)


  3. Thanks Duk! I wait till a “oops” sign comes up, then call off the jam. I still use the old reliable Rytec-CW recipe to cure my bacon, and slicing it nice and thick. A eight piece pack usually weighs in at 13-14 ounces. This last batch was about the best ever, a little sofet and not quite as much “chew”. The belly must have come from a soft hog! RAY

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