4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES      (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

What greater pleasure than a country ham and red-eye gravy breakfast? Well, personally…

But that’s okay. There are many regional specialties and traditional methods or preserving meats. Gimme a good corned-beef or pastrami on rye and a kosher or Polski Wyrobi dill pickle on the side, and I’ll be a happy camper.

…even tell you about the time I went on a job interview in Connecticut and had the best Reuben in my life? …had “duck breath” after that, so I didn’t get the job, but man! …was it worth it!

So, share your techniques, experiences, and Grandpa’s old traditional recipes here.

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290 thoughts on “4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

  1. The UMAi dry charcuterie bags I ordered the other day finally showed. I’ve been thawing a porkbutt roast in the fridge for a few days, got all the seasonings assembled, and now I’ve taken the first step to a dry cured capicola. I rubbed down the money muscle cut of the porkbutt with salt, sugar, pepper, thyme, nutmeg, and cure#2 and shrink-wrapped it and tossed it into the fridge. In a week I take the hunk of pork out of the fridge and rinse all the seasonings off, dry it off, give it a coat of some nice Hungarian paprika, and then seal it in a special UMAi bag until it’s lost 35% of it’s original weight, 5lbs 5.25oz. I buy porkbutt when it’s on sale for 99¢ a pound, no big loss if this is a bust. Of course it’ll come out perfect, 6-7 weeks

    1. I have never used thos umai bags.
      Does it mean you have to be less carefull with temperature and humidity in the curing chamber?
      If that’s so, then I have to put some research into them….
      ’cause that’s holding me back with making cured sausages (although my snack sticks were not too bad)

  2. Looks like a daisy ham is a smoked shoulder butt, Boston butt or cottage ham which has been baked. I had a look at https://www.livestrong.com/article/475548-how-do-i-cook-a-butt-portion-ready-to-cook-ham/ which lists a recipe but shoots all them dang ads at you.

    You could smoke a Boston butt or shoulder according to one of our recipes (see index), then roast it in your oven. Otherwise, buy an already-cured ham at the grocery store and bake it.

    Pre-heat to 325 degF. Score the ham in criss-cross pattern, Rub in some seasoning if you wish (1/8 cup, including salt and pepper, plus possibly cinnamon or ground cloves, for a 5-lb. ham). Cook for about 35 minutes per pound, to an internal meat temperature of 160 degF. Rest before carving.

  3. I smoked a Boston butt in my Pro 100 a few years back and it came out great. I injected and brined the butt for six days and then smoked it same as a ham. After a couple days in the fridge I ran it thru my meat slicer set on very thin, my friends thought it was something special.

    Badjak. The UMAi bags take all the guess work out according to what I’ve read and seen on YouTube. After a week I rinsed off the butt and coated it with paprika then wiped all the excess with paper towels. Now it’s in the UMAi bag sitting in the fridge, just a waiting game until it reaches about 3.5 pounds. Should be 5 to 7 weeks and we’ll see how 99¢ a pound porkbutt can turn into $20 a pound coppa! RAY

      1. I’ll try to post some pics tho most of the time when I try it just doesn’t happen for some unknown reason. I’ll try posting a picture right of my eight month old springer puppy, Bob. We’ll see what happens. RAY


  4. What do you know, it worked! Yesterday I made a batch if burger buns for the greatest Hipshot burger ever assembled. Fresh bun, 8oz Hipshot burger, cheddar, maple-honey bacon, caramelized onion, sautéed shrooms, and avocado. CW would have been proud. Of course the picture I tried to post of that awesome burger wouldn’t happen today, but that happens.

  5. Lets see if I’ve figured out how to resize photos in the last half hour. These are the burger buns I baked for that burger. The original picture was 4.03MB, I think I chopped it down to 293KB, whatever that is. I’m reading up top here it states the maximum file size: 32MB., which would be about eight times the size of 4.03MB. All this is way above my pay grade, which ain’t much! RAY


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