4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES      (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

What greater pleasure than a country ham and red-eye gravy breakfast? Well, personally…

But that’s okay. There are many regional specialties and traditional methods or preserving meats. Gimme a good corned-beef or pastrami on rye and a kosher or Polski Wyrobi dill pickle on the side, and I’ll be a happy camper.

…even tell you about the time I went on a job interview in Connecticut and had the best Reuben in my life? …had “duck breath” after that, so I didn’t get the job, but man! …was it worth it!

So, share your techniques, experiences, and Grandpa’s old traditional recipes here.

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290 thoughts on “4 – HAM-BACON-WHOLE MUSCLES (Preserving Entire “Cuts”)

  1. …hope your Thanksgiving Smoked Turkey turned out as good as mine! http://sausageswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Double-Whiskey-Smoked-Turkey.pdf uses a brine recipe adapted from a Steven Raichlen book but does the cooking entirely in your smoker. The whole family raved about it! One comment was that it gave the dark meat and white meat entirely different flavors, both excellent. (Naturally I accepted the compliments, attributing them to “skill and daring.”) At any rate, give the recipe a try at Christmas, unless you make Chuckwagon’s tried-and-true soft-drink-based cured recipe. Both are great!

    1. That looks to be a fine bird recipe Duk! I like that the recipe doesn’t call for any cure #1, that way the bird ends up tasting more like turkey than ham. I brined our 21.5lb bird in salt, lemons, and water right out of the freezer on Sunday prior to Thanks, the bucket sat in the cool garage till Thursday. My wife does Thanks, Xmas, and Easter dinner, I cook the rest of the year. This year we’re shaking things up and I’m cooking for Xmas. After turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches, and making turkey soup, I’ve had it with turkey, never liked it all that much in the first place. We have my 93 year old father-in-law over for holiday dinners and he can’t chew very well, so there goes my Xmas prime, wife wouldn’t eat prime either. I’m going to make Dungeness crab-shrimp-ricotta cheese ravioli from scratch, semolina flour pasta, a nice Alfredo sauce, to go along with veal parmesan and maybe a artichoke frittata on the side. I am going to buy a whole untrimmed standing rib roast when they come on sale for the holidays and then dry-age it using the UMAi dry steak bags, 35-45 days in the fridge. The steaks I’ll cut will have a flavor that’s beyond description, turns USDA choice into far better then prime. RAY

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