2 – SAUSAGES AT HOME…………. (“Fresh” and “Cooked-Cured” Types)

2 – SAUSAGES AT HOME…………. (“Fresh” and “Cooked-Cured” Types)

Much of what our members do fits into this category. …so “let ‘er rip!”


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242 thoughts on “2 – SAUSAGES AT HOME…………. (“Fresh” and “Cooked-Cured” Types)

  1. One thing our family does occasionally with freshwater fish is something we call “Greek Fish.” It’s named that because, back when we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, all restaurants (and I mean ALL) were owned by Greek families.

    Splat some bacon grease down on a piece of aluminum foil, slap down a slab of any white-fleshed fish, dust with oregano/salt/pepper, add chopped tomato/onion, and sprinkle with feta cheese. Heat on a grill (or broil) until the veggies are softened, the feta melts, and the fish is cooked.

    You’ll get various raves (“opa!” and “yee-haw” for example), even from kids who used to say “Fish…? EEEW!” Frankly, this recipe probably works for everything from fish and chicken to wooden boards.

    Being totally uninformed about the wildlife in your part of the world, I’m imagining that it’s similar to that in the Jurassic Park movies. This simple recipe should work fine with any beast, although you might want to put a temperature probe into any thick portions to make sure that they exceed whatever is a safe temperature.



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